It all started with a dream…

aboutHello, I am Pastor Rick and this is my wife, Michele.
We are the Reynolds’ and founders of
The Destiny Center.

The Destiny Center is an incubator created primarily for big time DREAMERS in the disadvantaged and minority populations. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and the motivation to start a business but have never had the means, resources or support to do so. Because of the economy, it is vital to find your professional niche. As long as you have a desire to succeed, we want to help you by supporting your start-up dreams despite past and present circumstances.”

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at life – that’s why we created a co-working space with all the tools and resources aspiring entrepreneurs need to launch the business of their dreams…

“There are so many creative people that are stuck in dead end jobs or struggle with a lack of opportunity. These people have a lot of talent! Regardless of their past failures, we believe that when people are properly supported, they can do amazing things! We have worked with various people and have seen many of them transform and do amazing things …whether its starting a landscaping business, building a ministry, contracting services, or finding the right job, etc.”

sdafsafCome with us on a journey through these pages as we reveal our unique plan for reaching your destiny and building the business and organization of your dreams.

Rick & Michele Reynolds

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“The Destiny Center provides resources for entrepreneurs and organizations seeking sustainable financial and social impact.” - Nnenna Lovette (Design & Marketing Agency)

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